Apple AirPods Review

The recently released Apple AirPods to support the removal of headphone jack may indicate a smart move by apple. Apple announced that their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will feature the big change of the elimination of the headphone jack. Now these completely wireless headphones facilitate listening by depending on Bluetooth.

You can connect your Apple devices to the AirPods via the Bluetooth. Here’s a review that should shed light about the wireless earbuds.


There is an intelligent Siri feature that is activated by double tapping it. No buttons are present on the AirPods. Media volume and playback is controlled through Siri which depends on an internet connection. Siri is very accurate and has been proven to respond to very complex commands.

There is an automated system on the AirPods that pauses music if one or two of the earbuds are removed from the ears. Music resumes when you put the AirPods back in your ears.

Recharging the AirPods is not problematic. A charging case that closes magnetically is provided. Ample power is provided for the AirPods. A 5-hour listening time is guaranteed by the AirPods’ batteries.

Look and Design

The design of the AirPods is similar to that of the traditional pair of earbuds by Apple. Of course, there are no cords connecting to your device. The small arm coming down from the earbuds abruptly ends where cords are supposed to start.

Despite Apple’s history of blending fashion and technology, the AirPods feature a thicker unfashionable arm.
Comfort and Convenience

Apple AirPods feel more comfortable than their wired siblings. The entire plastic housing ensures the AirPods fit and stays in your ears. Also, they are lightweight and no cords are dragging them down. You won’t get entangled by cords as it is the case with wired earbuds. This can facilitate a very comfortable use of the Bluetooth gadgets as you lie down.

With a fitting design, the Apple AirPods will stay put as you walk, run, or sit. You can actually run a considerable distance with the headphones. A more comfortable run is experienced with these since the cord that may keep on brushing on your neck in wired earbuds is not present.

An upside of the product that does not press on the inside of the ears also ensures comfortability. This makes the Apple AirPods ideal for long listening periods.

Sound Quality AirPods

Whether the AirPods look stylish or are comfortable, this is the most important factor that most people will consider. A good sound is experienced when the earbuds are properly worn. Since the wireless earbuds are fit-guaranteed, you do not lose the sound quality. However, the major drawback about the earbuds is that they are unable to completely offer good noise cancellation. A continual use of the AirPods will help you get used to them. You will be able to get a rich, balanced sound. An appealing bass that is compatible with various music types is produced by the Bluetooth earbuds. Whether you want to relax or work out, the AirPods will serve.
An uninterrupted Bluetooth connection is guaranteed. This is very impressive as compared to other Bluetooth earphones which keep on dropping out constantly.

During calls, you can talk to and listen to your caller clearly. Unfortunately, the zero noise cancellation makes the AirPods not to be excellent as phones microphones in noisy environments. Your caller may be able to hear surrounding noise as you talk. Nevertheless, calls through the AirPods are excellent.

From the Apple AirPods review, the Bluetooth headphones are worth acquiring. Their advantages outweigh their drawbacks by much.