This is how the 3Dioo viewer works:

A Samsung 4S was used for this tutorial, other phones may not work as well…

1. Buy a View-Master from your local toy store.

2. Get a saw or a screw driver to prop the View-Master open.


3. Once split in half, use the eye part to place over your phone’s screen.

4. Enjoy the show.

This is a sample I found on youtube to test your viewer. Make sure you view the video in full screen mode on your phone.


This is how the 3Dioo recorder is made:

1. Get some black foam core (white foam core will work too) and cut a 5″ x 12″ piece with your exacto knife.

2. Draw this patter on your foam core, the black bars are the mirror placement lines.



3. Cut the black bars out of your foam core pieces so you can fit your mirrors in there. The mirrors should be (2x) 2″ x 2″ and (2x) 4″ x 4″.

4. Place mirrors into holes and tape the foam core in place with the mirrors.

Back of the stereoscopic phone attachment.


Front of the stereoscopic phone attachment. mirror_back

5.Put the second piece of foam core on the top side of the mirrors to sandwich them into place. Secure the mirrors with tape.

6. Place phone behind the stereoscopic attachment (make sure the lens is right in between the middle glass) and record video or take pictures. Your pictures will look doubled up like this:



If you have any questions or want some additional info. Email: oscar@minerapp.com